Building a White Box Server?

~written by Bob Crane, Dataram Memory Blog Team Member

Whether you’re a system integrator, OEM or in IT, when building high quality white box servers it is important to deliver a reliable system.

Memory is a big part of this, as picking a memory manufacturer who can provide this is crucial.  When selecting a memory vendor, consider the following:

1)      Bill of material control—Will the supplier provide a memory module that offers a lock down on the DRAM components and manufacturer? Consistent product leads to better reliability and system stability.

2)      High quality DRAM components from a tier 1 DRAM vendor—Going with the highest quality DRAM insures best reliability and longevity.  Some vendors will use a lesser known vendor compromising quality for price.

3)      Motherboard testing—Does the vendor utilize independent test labs such as CMTL who test Intel motherboards?  This ensures the memory has been tested extensively including thermal, operating system and compatibility. Example: If you have any problems and you’re using tested motherboard memory, Intel will support the call you place.  If you do not, you will be asked to remove it and put tested memory in its place.

4)      Support—Does the vendor provide technical expertise to ensure the right memory is designed in?  If there are any issues, will they respond in a timely manner, provide a lifetime warranty and troubleshooting.

In summary, when building a white box server you need to design in high quality components, including memory.   Know what you’re getting and make sure the vendor can back it up.   Going with the lowest cost is not always best.   Dataram is a leading memory manufacturer in the white box server space and offers expertise in this marketplace.




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