Good Things Happen in Strange Ways – The Story of Sun Oracle M-Class Server Memory Upgrades

-written by Cecile Dagoret, Dataram Memory Blog Team Member – EMEA

When discussing with server managers at large corporations I realize that a criterion of great importance to them is how scalable the server platform that they select is, and will be, over time.

I have heard them praise the Sun Oracle M-Class Enterprise servers platform –M4000/M5000 and M8000/M9000 – and it seems to me that these systems are to servers what Formula 1 is to cars! But, I hear them also say that as powerful and superior as these servers might be, in their opinion they are not matching their expectations in terms of scalability. The cost of the components—memory amongst others—being far too high compared to the initial cost of the system, is a problem.

As I speak with IT decision makers, many are valuing creative alternatives to make the most out of their initial choice of a server platform.

The 8GB DIMMs that are used in the 64GB memory kits for the M4000/M5000, and in the 128GB memory kits for the M8000/M9000, were recently the subject of an End-of-Life Notification by Oracle.  At first glance, this notification may appear to cause great anxiety to the owners of those server platforms.  Yet, this notification is actually good for Oracle, and what’s even more important, it’s good for the customers using this platform!

Many customers have not yet taken advantage of the substantial price performance benefits associated with Dataram’s memory products. They will likely become aware of them now during their journey to identify a company with a long history of providing quality memory for this platform (namely Dataram).  Once again, proving that good things happen in strange ways!


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